"Come on, you slow piece of crap" you stutter as you run towards the campsite. You are starving, and she is keeping you from the cookfire. You aren't even sure why you brought her on this trip, except she is your boyfriend's little sister and he'd insisted.

You don't even like camping, but you've always had a fetish about getting laid under the stars by a fire. You start to get wet just thinking about it. All of a sudden the little shit slams into your back.

"Sorry I was looking at the fire and didn't see you stop"
"Watch yourself, Katie. If you don't, you're sleeping in the lake."
"Sheesh, bite me Sam."

When you finally get to the campsite, Ray has the flames jumping pretty high. "Burgers will be done in a few girls, get your plates." You can't stand it when he calls you a girl, and its worse when he refers to you and his sister in one group.

"Grab the plates retard," you mutter, out of Ray's earshot. She hears you and answers "Fuck off, sea bass." Ever since you started dating Ray, she's given you this little name, cuz she says you stink like a rotten fish. It was cute at first, but now its gotten on your nerves.


Later that night...

Your fantasy is finally fulfilled. Ray is all about it. He's pounding away like an obediant carpenter when all of a sudden, you hear a rustling. You look around and see nothing. You focus back on the task at hand. You moan quietly.

"What the fuck are you doing!?! Sea Bass, you nasty bitch."

Katie stands there with a flashlight in her hand, shining directly on your face. In shock, you jump up, buck naked and slap her. She falls over backwards, crying, in a little ball.

"Whats the matter, retards don't feel pain" you scream. All of a sudden, she bursts up and slams you onto the glowing coals of the dying campfire. She pins you there, screaming madly.

You can immediately smell your burning flesh from your searing back.

"W-w-w-what the fuck was that " you scream, throwing her off you. You are in shock from the pain, although you can feel blood running down your legs. "what was that!"

"See, Ray, I told you," she giggles as you pass out, "I told you fish have no concept of fire."

A nodeshell challenge baby. Inspired in some tiny fashion by Stephen King, Zalman King, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, and the letter 3. I'm terrified by what my brain does at 4 am.

Every night it was the same routine for Sparkles. 9pm. Trevant would come, watch him, feed him, turn the light off. Immersed in the darkness, Sparkles would quickly drift off into the dream...

It was always the same dream. There was always The Glow; that foreign orange glow surrounding him, like the ethereal ghosts of a thousand beautiful orange goldfish swimming in unison, dancing, beckoning him to join them.

The dream was bizarre to Sparkles, yet not unpleasant. Quite the opposite: Sparkles grew to look forward to dreamtime. In the days he would often find his thoughts drifting off to the dream and its glorious symphony of colours, colours that only the most beautiful fish wore. Over time, the dream began to take on an almost religious significance.

"What does it all mean?", Sparkles would frequently ask himself as he sucked algae off of the gravel at the bottom of the tank.

. . .

"Man, today was fucked up. It's time to light up," Trevant muttered to himself as he arrived home and slammed the door. Plopping his tired self on the sofa, Trevant lit a spliff, watched his beloved fish Sparkles for a bit and was watching the end of the Jerry Springer show when the phone rang. He set his splif down and ran to grab the phone.

The spliff rolled. Touched the TV guide. The TV guide quickly went up in flames and sent flaming bits of paper floating around the room. One landed on the sofa and began to burn. One landed on the curtains and set them ablaze.

20 minutes later, as Trevant sat on the phone in his bedroom, he smelled something funny. Something burning. He ran back into the living room. "Oh fuck!", he shouted as he found his entire living room ablaze.

. . .

Sparkles watched with excitement from the aquarium as the flames grew and grew, consuming the entire living room. The bookshelf on which his tank rested caught fire and flames surrounded the tank. As the water temperature in the tank began to rise, Sparkles fell into a fevered delerium and was filled with a sense of religious revelry. As Sparkles began to slip out of consciousness, he was overwhelmed with euphoria and a sense of completeness as he closed his eyes to the world...

nodeshell challenge

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