Heading into Montreal, we were "randomly" chosen by a border guard to have our car searched. I was not concerned in the least, as I knew we had no drugs, and that a police dog and 3 cops had checked my entire car two months earlier when I got busted for possession.

We pull into the little parking area and two incredibly hot 21-ish French Canadian border guards come and check out our car. They make small talk about our cell phones and the giant mess in the car (We had been in it for 14 hours at this point).

All of a sudden, one of them comes out of the glove box with a small baggie. With white powder in it. I know I have never had coke in my car, let alone in my possession, so I couldn't figure out what the hell it is. However, I'm pratically crapping myself, because I already have a record. They take it off to check it out.

About ten minutes later, some big headed guard comes out and tells us there were trace amounts of coke in the bag. I couldnt figure out how the fuck it got there. Especially since the drug sniffing dog had already been over my car.

So he pulls me aside and asks when I had been arrested. I explain that the one and only time was in June and that I don't have anything to do with cocaine. They other three are pulled aside, one at a time, and asked similar questions, as well as how long they've known me.

The guy goes back and searches throught the car, finding a tiny bit of pot in the armrest. I explain that the armrest is where the police found my stuff and i hadnt cleaned it out. When he replied "Oh, ok," nonchalantly, I knew we were ok..

Still, they told us they were going to take us back to "search" us. Images of snapping rubber gloves immediately shot into my head. However, It seems that they guards are not allowed to touch you, because we were led into a room and told to empty our pockets. Not once did they ever touch any of us.

The cop told us we were ok to leave, after we went through immigration. Immigration decided to run all our records, and after another 20 minutes, we were told to sit and wait for customs to call us. However, customs didn't call us. as I was waiting for them to call us, our buddy came out of the back and asked why we were still there.

We explained, and he said, "No, get out of here, you are free to go." We high-tailed it out the door, and as we passed through the outer door, the cop yelled:

Hasta La Bye Bye

We stumbled into the car, and sped off to the concert...

Oh yeah. We figured out that the baggy had contained some E my friend had used and left the bag in the car. Amazingly, the cops in South Carolina didn't find it. I did, however, beat my friend to a pulp for leaving his paraphernalia in my car, and almost getting me busted for his high.

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