Edmonton-based band, best known for The Toronto Song. Sang really funny, really intelligent, rather snide music. Compare with Moxy Fruvous and The Arrogant Worms.

They also performed a play at the Theatre Network with Atomic Improv called Cry Santa!.

"The North Pole - home of Santa's Workshop. But while Santa's getting rich, his elves are getting... unemployed! Why is Santa consorting with world leaders like Kennedy, Nixon, and Elvis Presley? What dark secret lies behind the jolly mask of Santa Claus? Cry Santa: Elf abuse, alien technology, the Men In Black. Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie and Atomic Improv present Cry Santa!"

Also "Saskatchebuzz" about the province of Saskatchewan legalizing marijuana.

Also "The War of 1812", with Atomic Improv, about the time Canada kicked America's ass (in the name of stamping out democracy, because the queen told us to).

Also "The Messiah", with Jr. Gone Wild, the story of the Alien Abduction of the Virgin Mary.

And "Cold Fusion: The Musical", with Atomic Improv, a musical comedy about electrochemistry.

We currently have a show called "PileDriver!", with Guys In Disguise, about a group of gay wrestlers on tour through the bible-belt in the 70's.

Also have three albums and lots of free mp3s available at http://www.mp3.com/deadtroll.

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