The second largest maker of cymbals, after Zildjian. Sabian has 7 lines of cymbals:

Some of the drummers endorsed by Sabian include Mike Portnoy, Rod Morgenstein, and Terry Bozzio.

Some more information concerning Sabian cymbals...

One of the brothers who own the Zildjian line disagreed with the style of cymbals being produced, so he broke away and formed his own company. Both companies use similar (but not exact) types of alloys in their cymbals.

The B8 series is the introductory line. These are made from sheet bronze, which lack the tonality and sustain of the 'professional' cymbals. They make great starter sets but you'll outgrow them in less than a year, and you'll have to buy the 'pro' quality gear. You may as well invest in the good stuff now and save your money in the long run.

Sabian also made a B8 Pro set which uses a better alloy, but it is still learning gear.

The AA series is made from brass and is hammered by a machine. The HH series is formed by machine and is set up by machine hammering, but the finishing touches are added by master craftsman who artfully tailor the sound of each unique cymbal.

The best way to buy Sabians is to go to a store and bring your own sticks. Try to play them in a quiet room. Thin crashes are explosive and fast, while the medium weights are more sustaining in tone.

I have always been able to find cymbals at 45-55% of the list price. I try to avoid buying them withoug hearing them, since all cymbals have different sound qualities.

I just have to add this: Sabian got it's name from?

Time's up! The children of the founder are named Sally, Billy and Andy.

I always enjoyed a new Sabian over a new Zildjian or Paiste. No one can beat an old old Zildjian, but for everything else, there's Sabian.

Sa"bi*an (?), a. [L. Sabaeus.] [Written also Sabean, and Sabaeanism.]


Of or pertaining to Saba in Arabia, celebrated for producing aromatic plants.


Relating to the religion of Saba, or to the worship of the heavenly bodies.


© Webster 1913.

Sa"bi*an, n.

An adherent of the Sabian religion; a worshiper of the heavenly bodies.

[Written also Sabaean, and Sabean.]


© Webster 1913.

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