saba (latin sapa) is a must (grape juice) based prepraration that originates in the Italian town of Modena.
This sweet and sour syrup is prepared by slowly heating the must, over very moderate fire, for a period that can be as long as three days. At the end of the process, the must is reduced by two thirds.

Saba had several uses : it was a traditional condiment for polenta and gnocco fritto; it was used as a drink, diluted with water; and older people remember eating saba and snow as kids.

Also, half-cooked saba from Trebbiano grapes was - and still is - used as the basis for the traditional preparation of balsamic vinegar.

Once a family preparation, prepared in Autumn after the harvesting and squeezing of the grapes, saba can today be purchased through biological food outlets and in rare stores.

Other must based preparations from modena include sughi and savor.

Saba, a small West Indian island belonging to Holland and governed as a dependency of Curacao. It consists of a single volcano cone furrowed by deep, wooded, and fertile valleys. Area 5 square miles; pop. 2,500.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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