An 8-track digital sequencer released in 1984.

The MSQ-700 can hold up to 6500 events over the 8 tracks, with a tape interface for more storage.
Both real time and step-by-step recording modes are available. Notes are selected via an external keyboard, while the note length is selected by an onboard slider. The slider is also used to add pauses.
The editing features include a merge function for mixing seven tracks into one and overdub for overwriting the existing events in real time. Unfortunately, the erase function can only be used to wipe out the entire song, and there is no way to remove individual events.

Both MIDI and DCB (for synths like the Juno-60 are supported, but not simultaneously. DIN and tape sync are also available, along with a pedal input for the start/stop function.

346 x 328 x 108mm

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