A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 44-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1977 and the early 80s.

Like the CS-15, the CS-30 features two signal paths, but offers lots of routing possibilities between the two parts by semi-patching (using switches).
The synth features 2 VCOs with individual outputs and FM, 2 resonant VCFs, 2 VCAs with a ring modulator plus 3 ADSR envelope generators (2 of which are invertable).
The LFO can be modulated by any of the EGs, and the oscillators can modulate eachother.

Other features include a primitive 8-step sequencer with sync clock output, plus an external audio input which can be used as a sound/modulation source and for triggering. A CV/gate interface is available for external control.

Known problems and limitations with the unit include severely unstable tuning, no self-oscillation on the VCF's resonance and the CV/gate using Hz/voltage instead of the volt/octave standard.

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