A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard. Released in 1978.

The CS-15 is essentially two CS-5s together, as separate signal paths with their own VCOs, VCFs, VCAs and envelope generators.

The 2 VCOs feature a 64'-2' range, and are switchable between sawtooth, square and triangle waveforms, with a white noise generator included. There are controls for PWM as well as individual auto-glide for both oscillators. VCO2 is detuneable.

Two resonant 12dB/octave* multimode VCFs are featured in the filter section. They can be switched between high-, low- and band-pass. Modulation can be done through the single LFO or by either of the 2 ADSR EGs (with positive or negative polarity). An external input for modulating a remote source is also available.

The LFO offers sine and sawtooth waveforms, with non-triggerable sample/hold. Oscillation speed is adjustable between 0.1-1000Hz. It can modulate both VCO and VCA individually, as well as the pulse width on both VCOs.
Other features include controls for portamento, pitch bend and "brilliance" (the cut-off frequency of either/both VCF).
On the back panel there are2 audio outputs with a headphone jack, separate CV inputs for both VCOs, CV out, trigger in/out plus the aforementioned external audio input.

* 6dB/octave in the band-pass mode

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