A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard. Released in 1979.

The CS-15D is basicially a CS-15 with one of the 2 synth sections replaced with a collection of 15 preset sounds. The second signal path has 14 more presets, with a "manual" tab for accessing the programming parameters for the second 1-VCO section. The two parts can be mixed using a single slider.

I actually own a 15D. It is very limited, but has a pretty distinctive sound - most likely due to the VCF. The keys have a good feel to them, but velocity or aftertouch sensitivity aren't implemented on such an old cheap synth.
One can have fun with this rather obsolete model by tweaking the trimmer pots found inside. This will mangle the envelopes and make the 15D squeal like a pig, which might interest musicians into harsh analog sounds. Still, I'd recommend going for the CS-15 instead.

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