A cv/gate sequencer based on microprocessor technology. First known product from Sequential Circuits. Less than 500 units were produced between 1977 and 1980 starting in Dave Smith's garage.

The Model 800 can hold up to 256 events. There are 16 switches which enable "cells", which can each contain 16 events. They are loaded by an external CV keyboard and can be programmed over 5 octaves. An internal clock running between 20Hz-5kHz calculates the absolute note length or beat division when driven externally by a low frequency clock.
Multiple M800:s can be hooked together with a multi-pin parallel connector. A foot pedal was made available to cycle between record and play modes. The cv/gate output is quantisized to 1/12 semitones. User sequences can not be stored, although there are rumors about a battery backup modification.

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