The Syntecno TeeBee is a 1U MIDI controllable analog monophonic synthesizer. It was made to duplicate the electronics inside the original Roland TB-303 and then some. The oscillator and filter (18dB, 2-pole) in the TeeBee are the same components used in the TB-303. The Syntecno TeeBee was created by a man in Holland. He made three versions of his product. The final revision, the Mark III, included a Korg MS20 ring modulator, a 2-channel MIDI merger and a 10-volt gate output for controlling Moog gear.

The following is for the Mark III version of the TeeBee. The Syntecno TeeBee has a digital potentiometer knob to select the square and sawtooth waveforms, a ring modulator and an analog input on the front. There are also knobs to control the tuning, cutoff, resonance, filter, envelope modulation and decay. With the Syntecno, you can control older equipment that uses CV/Gate such as Roland's SH-101, MC-202 and TB-808 or Korg's MS20. It's closest competitor for 303 emulation is said to be the Novation BassStation.


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