The Jaleco Mega System 32 is a motherboard and cartridge arcade platform that never quite took off. It was similar in design to the NEO GEO MVS, in that the mainboard was a JAMMA compatible PCB and the games plugged in by way of cartridge. To switch the game you would simply switch the cartridge. The NEO GEO enjoyed tons of success and had over 100 titles released, while the Jaleco Mega System 32 seems to have had only 7 games made for it.

This wasn't the world's most powerful system, as it only used a 2.2 Mhz Nec v70 processor, but it had decent video capabilities and most of the available games were pretty fun. The lack of available titles makes this one of the cheapest arcade platfroms around, and you might very well be able to pick up a motherboard with cartridge for under $50 (I got my motherboard with the Japanese version of Tetris Plus for $40 shipped). Please remember that you need a JAMMA compatible arcade cabinet to plug the motherboard into, it will not work on your television set.

Jaleco Mega System 32 Game List

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