The first day of a 'new' school year. Yeah, new to everyone but me. This is my fourth, read it again, FOURTH college that I'm attending. Attempting and intending to attend. And to think, after I'm done here, there's no telling how many there will be after that.

But it's a good day...even though one of my classes was cancelled....with no 'mail from my counselor. S'all right, at least my Web class is still intact. I have a few moments because of said cancelled class, so I'm venting. Whoever determined the Gulf of Mexico was an inhabitable coast needs to be shot, drawn and quartered, and dragged by wild horses. It's a big soup bowl out there, just simmering, and all of us here on land are getting roasted.

But I promised myself when I moved here, I wouldn't bitch about the weather. I said my piece.

Bought a new keyboard, so I am very much entertained and I will be happy for small pleasures.

I was so scared walking into my web class. Actually, I was worse off after I walked in on the C++ class by mistake. But I ran down to where the class was held. I have to tell you, I don't feel badly at all being in that class. So far, the instructor wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. ( brushes fingers off of shirt and blows on them.) No, I think they placed me at just the right level. For once. Wish me luck, guys, I have a long way to go.