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"Put down the sword and I'll put down the shield" -- Me
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Favorite nodes of mine:
Her Name Was Natalie
Dream Log: November 30, 2000
you people disgust me
Dream Log: November 9, 2000

Nodes to vote on:
US-Centricness on Everything by coby -- He wrote EXACTLY what I thought as I read the original writeup
13-year-olds who think 100 lines is a lot of code by xmatt -- The part of the mathematical f(x) was great

Nuke requests I have filed and am watching:
Fuck me and I'll let you live -- This nuke request didn't go through, probably because he's level 5.
emphatically NEVER -- Nor did this one. File again later.
mod files by bain -- Contains only "mods are cool". Thanks.
fun things to yell when your friend is on the phone by getzburg -- Stupid.
r4v5 is the antichrist -- Cut me a break.
necrophile - Useless see also node.
nude pics of my mom -- Fag.
militant beligerent intolerant assholes - I'll show you asshole...
No, it's not mine, but I mean, come on - a very long time by mulad
why your thumb is important more specifically, Nailbunny's writeup for obvious reasons.


Cool quotes stolen from other people's homenodes:
It is not fair to wish to taste only of my honey, and not the gall. If you wish to be perfectly united with me, contemplate deeply the mockery, insults, whippings, death and torments that I endured for you. (Byzantine)

Permanent Bookmarks:
Her Name Was Natalie
good reasons to miss someone
I miss her
Even my faults he adores
the frenzy of this last week
tell me about your secret places
be gentle with me
forgetting a girl
those moments where you can't even cry, you just sit there
I want your hands on me
August 20, 2000
it was more than perfect understanding
I miss her

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