She had made it clear that the truth was what she wanted to know and what mattered the most. I had promised myself that I would tell her where I was about us.

But for the past several days I hesitated. What I had to say was most definitely not a pleasant answer or *the* answer anyone would want to hear. Seeing her happy had made it even harder. I did not want to somehow destroy that, but she still preferred the truth. Finally I did say it, but it took prompting from her. My words went against what she, deep down, had hoped would be. And she still smiled somehow.

To you:

I'm sorry if my hesitation had raised your hopes even higher. That was not my intention. That would be cruel. It probably was.

You have been insanely understanding and that's something I can't forget.

I don't know if your feelings will eventualy let you still talk to me.

I'm sorry.