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8:30 BST

My Rollercoaster Emotional state

I think I have identified a common theme in my life: The more terrified I am before an event, the more over enthusiastic I am about it after the fact. I was utterly terrified before going karting, and now I love it. I was very scared before going the E2 London Meet, and I was very excited about it afterwards. I was acting very silly yesterday, telling everyone on #everything and the chatterbox about the meet.

Ah well, still got some growing up to do.

Non-trolling open source commentary: There's been a lot of guff written about why Gnome has been chosen by Sun et al over KDE. The reason is simple. Gnome is viewed as American, while KDE is far more European. Note that this opinion is not anti-american or european, nor is it anti-Gnome or KDE. If anything, it is anti-Sun.

12:35 BST

ClearCase sucks. It stores it's files in a stupid UUID system that cannot be simply copied across to another machine. Oh for the simplicity of CVS!

I have a meeting with my Project Leader soon. We're to discuss my Business and Development objectives. Business Objectives are targets set by the Project leader, while Development objectives are things like "I will learn more perl this year". The two classes of objectives are meant to be set independently, but what really happens is that you have to ask whether your development objective fits what your project leader wants you to do.

I hate myself right now