What did I do today? Spent some time on chatterbox. Witnessed what may have been the first shot fired in a second Everything 2 Civil War.

I, too, shall bend as a reed in the wind.

IRL, I had a most wonderful breakfast. At 1:30. Got new tires (do the British still say "tyres"? If so I prefer that spelling. Actually, I prefer most things Brit) on the car.

A boy whom I helped come out of the closet is in pretty dire straits right now, so I spoke to him on the phone for about 3 hours, wishing I could do more. I wanted to be there, to enfold him in my arms and take the hurt away. More than anything, I want to know why he didn't listen to me before he put himself into the situation he's in.

Youth, truly, is wasted on the young.

Ah well, he'll appreciate me more when he comes back.

And he is coming back, I just learned.

For one week, to wrap up the last things he needs to do for his job down here, which he just quit, since they don't want him to telecommute.

Then he's gone for good.

Life is like that.