Why is it that some people feel the need to hurt each other? In fact not only do they hurt each other, they find it fun too.
It was only 2 weeks ago that 2 people, random people, decided that they were going to start a fight with my little brother (so he is 18 years old, he will always be my little brother). He had not provoked them and because he is so short, 5'4" I think, and too scared to fight back they successfully managed to fracture his cheek bone and give him two black eyes.
So what did these people want? Money? No they didn't take his money. Had my brother possibly threatened them in anyway? Well I certainly don't think he looks particularly menacing, even if he had carried out a threat ( which he wouldn't, he is too meek ). No they did it for fun.
The thing is they were laughing about it all afterwards, according to witnesses, and he was really injured.
Finally? One of them was a woman. I am definitely not being sexist, in fact the opposite. I am hoping that one day women who blame men for most violence will see that women can be just as violent.
Hurting others is not funny, especially when it happens to someone you love.