she'd wandered into e2 a while after me, but not oh so long and i'd been almost leary, as i was in some sort of strange everything phase where upon i thought anything really mattered here, aside from the way people drink in my words, from time to time the way it makes me smile to know someone cared.

little bits of me. she seemed to be me. it was so strange but, some of the things that fell from her head, i could have lived did live just like that, a few years ago.

sometimes people are afraid of themselves. i am not so much, anymore, not anymore.. thank you.

i thought i would give pause today, just take a few minutes from my wandering about the universe to set some words here, for her..

it is not every day that someone like you is born, not every day at all. sometimes people wander into my life and i care about them so much, but i don't really know them so well, i don't think i ever will know you so much as i might like to or so much as the universe our lives will permit. i just thought, perhaps, you'd like to know.. i am glad that you were born.

watch out for those satellites, leetle one.. don't forget to remember that even if you never figure out why you are here, one day a year, it shouldn't really matter. one day a year, you are here just because you were born. you could pretend to be a baby again, today just to play in the mindset. pretend that nothing has happened, though i wouldn't.. you have such beautiful thoughts, all thrown together from everything that has happened thus far.

look to the stars tonight, if you can imagine them if they are absent. there is always something there for you.. even if it is just a shiny glow'y little light. but look at me, i am rambling, as i am wont to do. just drink in some moonbeams this evening. they are good hamster food.

happy birthday holly.

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