you always said you'd crash a satellite into his eye, for me, if it would make me feel any better and maybe it would have but only because the idea itself is amusing. nothing would have settled such pain or erased it, time smiled upon me, i would suppose.

sometimes, it is awfully hard to accept that nothing negative might happen in times of pleasant thought, or positive happenings. positive, followed by negative (lather, rinse, repeat), opposites attract, as they would say but.. i think that for you, there will be some time where you just stand there and everything is beautiful, forever, because you are.

"polar opposites don't push away, they're the same on the weekends as the rest of the days." - .

you are always so brooding, beautifully so.. i adore your little thoughts and wonderings at the workings of the universe.

i will be the one standing there to catch misdirected satellites..

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