Just promise me that when I break down, when I succumb and cry in front of you, that you won't just stand there awkwardly. Promise me that you will put your arms around me and hold me and just listen.

I know there is nothing you can say to take it away. I know this. I know that seeing me cry makes you feel uncomfortable. Because normally, I am the strong one. Normally, it is you that cries to me.

But I really, really need this, dear. I need to be sad, if only for a little while.

And I know that you are strong enough to pull me through it. You don't know it, but I do.

And I know that when it's done, when I've finished creating that puddle on your shoulder, you will say or do something to make me smile. And the smile will encourage you to continue to be the endearing clown. You will make me laugh.

This is what I want you to do for me. Please promise me that you can.

Because if you can't...I think you should go. Right now.

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