Well, my hamster has decided to bring himself into the spotlight by performing a feat nothing short of something Houdini might have tried. He's escaped from his cage, through the door no less, even though I'm sure it was perfectly secured. Wire cage doors are pretty hard to open for the most part, so it's crazy that he could at all. Being that this is an ancient farm house that most definitely has mice in the walls as it is, I'm sure he'd have no trouble slipping in through a pre-made hole somewhere. He might be in a closet.. the problem here being that this house is simply too old and too big and too full of places to hide.
Instead of worrying about him, though I still am a bit, I've adopted a much better attitude towards it all. I mean, he couldn't have enjoyed living in a cage any way... and now he's roaming free, probably getting his thing on with any female mouse he can find, that sort of good stuff. I've also a theory that perhaps he's chillin' in Australia with his namesake, having some bongs, watching the sunrise with a couple hot hamstergirl's. Ahh, phooey. I miss him dearly already. Consider this my official Missing Hamster Report, and if anyone happens to see the sweetest fluffy little gray hamster running around suckin' back some sick bongs, let me know, alright?

Update: He's back!!!! It turns out he was just hiding in my sister's bedroom.. that little hooligan. He couldn't resist coming back to the female hamster's. Yay!

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