Title: Star-Seed: The Secret Origin of the JLA
Release Date: September 1997
Writers: Grant Morrison and Mark Millar
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash (part of the time), Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter.
Guest Stars: The Spectre.
Bad Guys: The Star Conqueror and the Flash (part of the time).
Cameos: Nightwing, Kobra, the Joker, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Steel, Robin, Impulse, Catwoman, Captain Marvel, and Stan Lee (as a police officer).

So what happens?
After a UFO materializes into a building in Blue Valley, the Flash is called in to investigate. He enters the building to find all the people inside in trances induced by starfish-like creatures covering their faces. He is suddenly swarmed by the one-eyed starfish and taken over.

After the Starfish-Flash threatens to take over the earth, the JLA plans to intervene and put a halt to the alien invasion, but the Spectre suddenly appears and cousels them to ignore the situation and let the government nuke Blue Valley and the aliens. The Leaguers, being upstanding, heroic types, say no way, so the Spectre shows them what will happen if they intervene: they'd all be taken over by the starfish and use their powers to win more converts, take over the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, and the whole bloomin' space-time continuum.

Shaken by what they've seen, the Leaguers ask the Spectre to remove their superpowers so they can go in and try to control the situation without risking being taken over. The Specter says sure, it's your funeral, and teleports all of them, sans powers, into Blue Valley. However, the starfish realize something's wrong when they notice Superman sweating nervously. One of them shoots Supes in the shoulder, and the Flash zooms out and trashes the non-powered Leaguers. Luckily, Batman slips into the building, slows Flash down by supercharging the air conditioning (Yeah, I know. Ain't comic book physics fun?), and gets the speedster to reassert control over himself. After that, the Flash vibrates himself through the UFO and makes it explode. The Spectre gives all the Leaguers their powers back and everyone lives happily ever after...or until the next issue...

Cool Moments!
The starfish-controlled Flash threatening to conquer the world was pretty nifty; the visions of the JLA conquering the universe were neat, too.

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