So, we're sitting in the gym, listening to the Dave Brubeck concert (man, was it good) and I'm there with my parents, my girlfriend (her parents weren't there, thank God), and a few other friends and parents.

The subject of pictures comes up, and the mothers inevitably start passing around pictures from their wallets. Most parents have their son's or daughter's high school graduation picture or something like that.

Not my mom. She has a picture of me from when I was 12 years old, with thick plastic-rimmed glasses, a geeky brown, orange, and white plaid shirt, rust colored Levi's corduroys, and white Nikes with a blue swoosh and matching blue shoelaces as was the style at the time. Oh yeah, and I also had this awful mop top haircut.

For some reason, this was the picture she chose to carry around in her wallet all the time. Almost any other school picture of mine would have been better. Certainly my high school graduation picture would have been great. But no, all my friends got to see me when I was twelve. I hadn't been friends with them long enough to know if this was going to ruin everything. Luckily, I pulled through okay.

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Back at the Sydney office today. Sydney is fully the olympic city right now. The airport is staffed with dozens of workers in bright uniforms, banners and bunting are everywhere, and for the first time ever, armed security guards are patrolling the public areas. The city has gone olympics nuts. It's all anyone seems to be talking about, especially the traffic problems and the fact that most businesses are expecting their staff to start work from 6am, which is causing grumbles in the ranks.

Olympic skeptics, like me, are actively being marginalised by the popular media. No one really knows how many Sydneysiders want this thing, but for what the outsider would see from the media, the city is 100% behind this thing, with only a handful of ratbag commie dissenters who are trying to spoil the party.

Presented to a telco this pm, I am more and more sure that my future does not lay in marketing. Walked to Chinatown for sushi and katsu with Arvind, ate well, good friendship, back to the hotel, now to sleep.

Domo arigato gozaimasu to s for opening my eyes.

I probably am making a mistake in writing this, but oh well.

Basically, this weekend I went to visit my girlfriend. Yes, this is a common task, especially for people 18 years of age and older. However, the circumstances surrounding this weekend are rather different. Think of this as "Kielziz's advice on how to rent a hotel room 75 miles away and still convince your mother that you stayed at a friend's house down the street." And here we go...

Background story first: Saturday night, I was planning on meeting my girlfriend and driving the 75 miles back to her house, and renting a hotel room for the night, and then coming back down Sunday night. My family was supposed to leave for the weekend, and the entire trip was supposed to go flawlessly. However, my mother decided to stay home. So, needless to say, I quickly had to make a plan to make my mother suspect I was hanging out with local friends, and staying at one of their houses overnight. Thus, the fun begins...

Step 1, the most important thing: Departure. To avoid suspicion right from the getgo, arrange for a trusted friend to come over and pick you up. Discuss beforehand what you're doing that night ("I dunno...maybe hanging out at Dunkin Donuts, we might go see The Replacements..."), and make sure you're upstairs when the friend arrives, to get your mother to ask him what the plan is. Why, you ask? If she asks him first, it somehow makes your mother think that you really are going to go hang out at Dunkin Donuts for a while, and see a movie. Trust me, it works.

Step 2: Meeting up. Arrange to meet the people at a place that they can DEFINITELY find. A phone call to your house of "This is Anne, could you tell Chris to call me on the cell phone, because I can't find the Wawa he wanted me to meet him at, thanks" will set off pretty much every alarm your mother has. Arrive promptly and, if possible, before the scheduled meeting time. Buy a magazine.

Step 3: Departure. Right before you get in your girlfriend's car to go, tell your friend Dan that if your mother calls, that you met up with someone at the mall, and that you left with them, sorry. Then, get in the girlfriend's car, and get the hell out of there. Worry nervously for the first 15 minutes that the Taurus behind you is in fact your mother, chasing you down. Casually touch your girlfriend's breasts.

Step 4: The Hotel. Once you get up to your girlfriend's hometown, and to the Holiday Inn that's there, realize that you should probably have made reservations first. Get back in the car and drive to a lesser-known, cheaper hotel. Drop the $90 it takes to get a room for the night, and head over to the room. Obviously.

Step 5: That Night... Okay, people. This isn't difficult to figure out. Boyfriend + girlfriend + hotel room + bed = sex. Come on. Don't know how to have sex? Read this.

Step 6: Getting your stories straight. The next day, after you and your girlfriend and her friend do whatever, sit down and get your stories straight. You slept at Dave's house, met up with Anne and Kelly at noon, went to the mall, and went bowling. And they're being nice, so they're dropping you off at home. If necessary, call Dave to make sure he knows you stayed at his house last night. Trust me.

Step 7: Heading Home, and Re-entry. Take the long drive home, and make sure you wave at your mother when you pull in the driveway. Get out, introduce the girls, and let them tell her about how you met them at noon and went bowling. If necessary, allow your girlfriend to make you look like a pathetic whiny loser. It for some reason works. Especially if you are one.

The Final Step: Act Like Nothing Happened. Run up to your room, drop off your bag, hide the hotel receipt and the condoms, and briefly make out with your girlfriend out of happiness that you managed to get away with it. Say goodbye to the ladies, wave, etc. And whatever you do, constantly talk to your mother after they leave. Leave no questions unanswered, and if possible, don't shut up long enough to let her answer. Also, doing labor for her helps. She'll eventually forget you were even gone.

Well, that's about it. I think I have to sell my bass now, just to make up all the money I owe. (sigh). I am finally a convincing liar.
EMAIL FLOOD DAY? What is this? I'm getting hordes of pseudo-relevant messages (Oh, and one I was looking forward to as well. Mmm... poetry.). Nothing that excited me, though. Mostly invitations to courses and requested documents. Dull day at work, hard to concentrate. Ilech, it seems like I will have a presentation next tuesday.

ARMED AND DANGEROUS: Ordered a sword from Del Tin.

A GIRL unlike any other. Surprises and surprises again, revealing yet another mesmerizing virtue. Ever new. Chocolate covered garlic. White Pepper Ice Cream.

UNCANNY RESEMBLANCE: Read a writeup by Nailbunny that could have been written by a person I know. This happens from time to time, and I get slightly paranoid every time, thinking that someone in my real-life vicinity has started noding and - gasp! - read some of my nodes!

TODAY'S SOUNDTRACK: Tom Waits - Blue Valentine.

balanced on nothingness. the man calls from within. a call back: where are you and what are you doing? i don't know i don't know i don't know just you keep going son don't look back. but i miss you. i think i need you. and the man inside says i know i know i know just hold on you have to do this yourself i still don't work i have wires sticking out everywhere and i keep bouncing into walls and i think i'm still dying.

it's sad, really. it's not his fault.



Back from Kuhmo!

The day didn't start well. I installed Perl DBI (people praise it so it's gotta-be-cool), and that craved for new version of PostgreSQL. 6.5->7.0... So here I am with a shiny new 7.0, and a) PostgreSQL refuses to start because the database is in 6.5 format and it requires dump and reimport, and b) the Debian installer simply didn't bother to save the old "psql" binary. Arrrrrrrgh. I hate it when this happens...

I usually don't send bug reports spontaneously and without throughout checking, but this was an exception.

Well, my cell phone works. I reformatted its file system. It started exhibiting a Really Strange Behavior. Bunch of cool stuff gone... gone... gone forever...


I made one thing from Finnish MAD Magazine true: "Chair Underside Camera". Hell, even the MAD folks probably didn't think someone would be mad enough to implement that webcam idea... but I defy all logic anyway =)

When I'm online, the camera can be seen at:
In other times it's closed. =)

I'm writing this web cam software so that I have some control over what is visible in the web (a la "censor from one site and not from other" =)

Hmph, I'd just wish I could watch TV from tuner... I can watch TV, but then the Composite video grabber doesn't work - no shared access to the board...


Lost my eBay virginity - well, actually, made a bid for MechWarrior 3 in =) I've been asked to turn the Chair Underside Cam into a PlushFoxCam...

Oh yeah... started making a SMS log. It's just a xml file I edit with a text editor...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today: fsv perlmenu Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur .com

Wow! A week without touching a computer! Some people would call it holydays, for me it’s just seven days of improductiveness...

Well, not that bad, a week without producing nothing tangible doesn’t mean that anything is produced at all: I’ve been reading “Reinventing Comics” (already finished), and “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid” (another E2 book) and provoking myself acquiring ideas that show how little I know.

For the sake of fitness and outdoor activities, and my pleasure, I’ve doing some diving in the Costa Brava. It is amazing how efficient is diving for cleaning the mind and relaxing yourself! I have a dangerous bias toward bad mood, and diving does miracles, specially because you’re so focused on your own body and how it reacts to the environment that you forget everything else. It is like being an amoeba! (again)

Well, I am back at work (hehe) and as every August I am full of frustrations. For me, this is a fucking month, I don’t like to stop, I prefer to run (like my computer) 24h a day.

I haven’t noded nothing in this days (although there was a relative easy to access net connection at the diving centre), but I don’t feel bad about this. In fact I practise noding abstention quite often. So I thank the management for having this day log where we shamelessly write about ourselves when we have nothing better to node (as if we hadn’t enough with the whole Everything!)

I just realized I lied when I said I didn’t touched a computer: I cannot dive without my diving computer! They are a rare kind of computers, as you have be underwater to see them running! (or moist your fingers) So it should say A week without touching a dry computer

yeah, yeah, I know... start a log and then I go on vacation. I'm a moron. I was doing really well untill yesterday, when Continental Airlines fucked up our flights.
Slappy's Smkoe Log:
Smokes Today: 7
updated 1446 28 Aug 2000

Smoking's a drug and we're addicted, okay! - Dennis Leary

BTW - I turned 31 today.

Like you give a fuck

addendum -
(1111hrs) The Birthday Fairy just left a figure of Diablo, The Lord of Terror on my chair! HOOP-AH!
again - Like you give a fuck

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Ah, the great British Bank Holiday. Amazingly for this year, there isn't aRoger Moore era James Bond film on this afternoon. This rather disconcerting occurence has forced (yes, forced :-) me to watch back to back episodes of Pokemon whilst waiting for 6 o'clock to come around. (6pm being the time that local phone calls change from 4 pence per minute to 1.6 pence per minute... Internet access in the UK sucks)

Got called up today by an old school chum asking me if I wanted to go around and watch some porn with him. wtf? I declined. I mean, I always thought that pornography was a solo hobby, or at least restricted to intimate pairs of people. I don't think I would feel quite comfortable watching a film with some other guys sitting right beside me on the sofa... It's not as if I find him attractive or anything. There'd be no gay tension between us, which would be the only circumstances that I would watch video porn with another guy...

The problem came when I had to decline. I was getting all embarrassed over finding a suitable excuse, when he was the weirdo for asking me to come over! I kept stuttering and mumbling, and my ears went bright red and very hot.


Bank Holidays are like a Sunday, without the fun existential angst...

happy birthday slappyjack

monday afternoon

work. work work work. it's a bit quiet, i'm waiting for some code drops before another build can be compiled. i finally got back to my secretary of defense nodes. completed Robert S. McNamara, and Thomas S. Gates today. woo, only 6 left to go.

the weekend

interesting weekend. friday i didn't end up having to work late as was expected. headed down to the man's house and had grilled shrimp and a chicken kabob (he had steak, of course). the damiana liquor arrived in it's nifty naked lady bottle. i am not overly fond of the liquor straight, but it adds a nice minty tone to a margarita when used instead of grand marnier, triple sec or cointreau.

saturday the man and i went out picking peaches (23 1/2 lbs) and blackberries (1 1/2 lbs) at a place me and my sister used to pick fruit when we were little kids before leaving the united states. later we made some absolutely fabulous homemade blackberry ice cream (such a lovely shade of purple). saturday night was weird, but i'm not going to get into it.

sunday was spent in a daze. woke up around 1:30, went home, napped, smoked some marijuana, took a lovely long bath. while lounging on the sofa, the puppy fell asleep in my arms, tummy and paws pointed to the sky, snoring loudly and contentedly. then i went to bed early.
Today was the first day of school, the first day of my senior year, and the beginnng of the end of high school. Happy? Kinda. Scared? Not really... well, maybe. Very nervous. Anxious. Maybe even a little panicky. But today went wonderfully. I didn't have French class, so my nerves are still a little on edge about going there for the first time. But that's tomorrow. Saw people today that I haven't seen in months. I made sure there was no giggling and hugging between my friends and me; that would have been silly, not to mention encourage the underclassmen to behave likewise. I have a lot of friends in most of my classes, which is a relief.

First hour: Advanced Placement Art
Second hour: Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
Third hour: Advanced Placement Statistics
Fourth hour: Seminar (with my sophomore brother)
Fifth hour: Advanced Placement Psychology
Sixth hour: Band (IBP, yo)
Seventh hour: Creative Writing
Eighth hour: Dual Enrollment at Hope College - French 202-01 and French 202-02

My counselors had a fit when they saw my schedule, saying I wouldn't be able to handle three AP classes on top of college French. Bite me. I like all my teachers, and plan on enjoying all the classes.

I am free for the day, until six o'clock at least (band camp). What better to do than spend an hour perusing the endless realm of Everything?

This is actually a weeklog entry for me, since I've been, uh, preoccupied. Just a bunch of quick flashes here, things that happened to me this week that I thought were of note:

Flash--The image of him, the perfect lover, above me, beneath me, around me. He knows where to touch instinctively. He knows all the nice and naughty things to say to me, without me having to tell him. He knows how to cuddle, he knows how to growl. He knows and that made this last week full of the most rewarding lovemaking in my life.

And now he's gone.

Flash--Phone rings. I answer and it's my old employer, the one who laid me off a couple of weeks ago. They want me back. More money, more benefits, more stock options. I'm the only one they want to bring back.

I'm still mulling this one over.

Flash--I'm sitting in the sumptuous living room of a man who's one of the most powerful in Hollywood, drinking coffee. He tells me there's a market for people like me to fulfill. Executives like him retire, he says, and since they're used to having people do things for them, they don't know much about computers and the Internet. He wants me to teach him, then them. He sees a chance to start a business to fulfill this market's needs.

And he wants me to start it with him.

Flash--I'm at the local 7-11 to buy some cigarettes, and I notice a car full of teenage boys. They're obviously just passing through my hometown on the way to elsewhere, but I'm struck by how much my gaydar is going off.

Sure enough, there's a gay pride sticker on the car. And yet none of these guys are over eighteen. They walk with a sexual swagger that you don't normally see in people their age. They're confident, brash, they're not afraid or ashamed of who they are, and it's evidenced in the way they carry themselves.

I'm pleased that the world has changed enough so that these boys can so openly be who they are at such a young age. I also wonder if there's not an attendant loss of innocence or shame or fear with that openness. I wonder if someone so young really understands the weight of being this particular minority. They might live their entire lifespan in such a free world. Then again, they might not. I fear they won't be able to cope if something should intrude on their perceptions of gay life.


8:40 AM

My karma must be rotten today. The day started out ok. I woke up early (for me) @ 6:30. Took a shower and got ready for school. My sister and I (w/ my neighors) left around 7:05 and actually got a good parking spot @ 7:10. First thing I realized was that I left my main notebook (with my Precalculus, Physics, and Computer Programming assignments) at home. Yay.

It's not really a big deal, because I was planning to use the ol' "I left my notebook at home" excuse in Physics so I could have another day to work on my makeup homework (I'll explain this in a second). What WAS a big deal was that my Computer Programming and Precalculus assignments were in that notebook, and both were graded that day. Yay again.

Side Note:
The thing about the Physics homework was that my teacher was an old hippie with a lot of stories to tell. Since he started telling almost a story a day, I figured I could do my Precalc homework before it was due the next day. I did this about 3 days in a row only to find out later that he would stop his stories in the middle to incorporate some sort of physics problem that applied to our reading. What pissed me off about that was that he couldn't come out and say: "These problems I'm about to do on the board will be collected and graded at a later date". If he would have done that, I'm POSITIVE I would have payed attention and done the problems, but no. So later, when he began collecting the problems after about 3 days of doing this, I was sitting there, with NONE of the problems done.

On top of missing my CP assignment for that day, we got back our graded assignment from the PREVIOUS day. I got an 11/20 because of little things here and there. That pretty much ruins my perfect grade for CP. Every assignment up until that one I scored 100% on, even the quizes. I also found out today (after our Novels teacher posted the grades on the board) that the grades that are calculated in my Palm Pilot program (Four.Zero is the name of it) are not consistent with the grades she has. My PPilot says that I've got a 90% or so, when in fact I've got closer to a 79%. Hrm. I guess I need to check with my teachers on grading policies. I threw away all those papers we get the first day. Whoulda thunk I would have needed them.

Mr. Nice Guy

I don't know why I do it, but I agreed to do my friends Psychology vocab homework. He said he'd do my Precalc (which he didn't end up doing). I didn't have time to read for Novels class and got a 3/10 on the daily quiz. There was a homework scheduled conveniently AFTER Novels class just so I wouldn't have time to read my book. My CP Teacher piled on 3 assignments and I've still got 20 Physics problems to catch up on. I've got 4 different books to read (1 for Novels, The Great Gatsby, and 2 for Independent Reading, The Hobbit, Hannibal, Neuromancer). Not much reading, but still reading. On top of that, I don't get to go the Stompfest (huge LAN Party in Indianapolis) because of my stupid family. I don't have any reason to go. Nobody cares what I do in my family. They are all farmers, so it's not like I expect them to understand anything I do. What's the point?

11:20 AM - Day Dreaming about Friends

I've been thinking about Sat. I told everyone on Friday that I was going to get a bunch of people together to go bowling, but what happens when I call everyone up? Well...I dunno, none of them would answer. And when I did get ahold of one person, they already had plans. Blah. Whenever I plan anything, everyone is too busy. Whenever anyone of my other friends plans anything, suddenly everyone's plans can be moved in order to partake in whatever dumbass activity they've got going.
It seems most of my friendships are fake. I only have one really strong friendship at the moment with a guy who I've only recently started talking too again. (Some past events broke up our friendship). Friendships that I thought were really good and were true on both sides turned out to be fairly weak and fragile. Nobody seems to treat me like I'm a real person. They don't care for my feelings or opinions. This sounds rather selfish, but I am always there for each and everyone of those people, and I get treated like shit in return. Am I the one somehow causing this? Is this all my fault? WTF am I supposed to do?

1:00 PM

My friend Lori seems to be getting shitty whenever something that Colin does pisses me off. Like it's all my fault. I got mad today because I was trying to do a physics lab with my partner and all Colin was doing was harassing my partner (who is more of a man than Colin will never be) and whining like a 2 year old because he thought it was cute. I'm trying to do my homework (because I know if i don't do this, I'm fucked because of the problems) and he's over their acting like a baby. My niece who is 6 is less annoying than Colin is. I know Lori and Colin are dating, but what is the point of her reacting like she does? I care for her and it hurts when she gets mad at me when I'm annoyed by her boyfriend.

1:20 PM

I feel so unorganized today. The Palm Pilot thing being a large part of it. Not having my homework done just makes me feel empty.
RIght now the whole world feels emtpy to me. I wish it didn't, but it does. I don't see a purpose to all of this. Maybe I'm looking too much at the big picture.

1:35 PM - Just thinking

In my mind I believe that a girlfriendwould have to be someone who was true to me and themselves. I know I'd be true to them, otherwise, why would I be dating them? I also believe the physical part to the relationship woul d mean as much as the emotional. I'm not talking hardcore sex, but I mean like kisses, hugs, cuddling, etc.
Don't tell me I'm too young to fall in love or that "Trust me, I've been there, you are making a mistake", because that's bullshit. Why are you trying to stop me from doing what I think is right, althought it probably isn't. Let me "stick the penny in the socket". How else am I supposed to learn?

That's all the rambling I had at that's it for today.

I have just found out that John Locke was shot and killed in a murder-suicide on the campus of the University of Arkansas, on the first day of class. I would be there but I just graduated in May. I can't quite wrap my mind around this... I will write more about Dr Locke later on, I think. He was a remarkable person.

Now i have to figure out how to get through the rest of the day.
I'm going to begin writing up terms from Dr Locke's classes. I think that would please him more than anything.
I went to the Notting Hill Carnival today.
This involved:Oops, was fun though.

c. 11AM: I wake up, think for a second, and realize that the events of the previous night were not a dream. Start to try to catch up on bible reading.

c. 12PM (noon): I go with my mom to McDonalds to eat, and to Wal-Mart to buy replacements for my two year old sneakers.

c. 2:30PM: I return home to find that the electricity hasn't come back on yet (It went off the previous night).

2:32PM: Start feeling Internet Withdrawl.

5:09PM: Electricity comes back on.

5:11PM: Get on internet, check out slashdot.

6:00PM: Finish with slashdot, finally get on E2.

6:31PM: Tune in to The Simpsons.

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Mmmm...Tommy on the stereo. I don't know why I love that musical so much. It has a lot to do with Highschool nostalgia. Not many people I've ever met have Highschool nostalgia. Most people have horrid, evil memories of highschool that have left them emotionally scarred. I, on the other hand, have wonderfully flowery memories, definitely embellished as time goes on. We did Tommy as our senior year musical production. I had been rejected from the band that year, mostly because Tommy, being a rock piece didn't need my "unique stylings" on the saxophone. musicals, the huge amounts of time hanging out with people until late in the morning, random trips to Steak and all comes back when I listen to the music. Tommy isn't a great's certainly not my favorite in terms of itself, but damned if it doesn't bring back a lot of fond memories.

I've had an infectiously wonderful day. Although I seem to be coming down with some sort of throat issues, possibly a small cold *poke Duchess*, I've managed to have some ginger peach tea and some Turkish coffee which has given me that extra oomph needed to get through the day. I had some boring classes, which I ducked out of one early to go get lunch and write some email. *mgrin* another quasi-useless semester. But that's ok. Wrote my first compsci program of the year. A 16 liner. *sigh* Give me something useful! Challenge me! Please?

Had a lot of fun randomly running around this afternoon at Cosmic Cantina and a random book store running around with Otaku friends Kamboku-Chan and Oniiiiiiiiiii-sama. Realizing more and more what good friends I have in COUp (our anime club) and coming to the opinion (with the help of Oniiiiiiiiii-sama) that I need to drop more activities so I can do more with them. *boggle* I feel for once in my life here at Carolina that I'm coming into a real social life, and having a group of friends I can go do stuff with.

But I woke up and was in a good mood. Why does your mood when you wake up determine your emotional state for the whole day almost? I wish I could change this to affect me for the good. But, this morning I woke up happy and had a wonderful day. Other mornings, I wake up and I wish I hadn't. Any reason? I wish I knew. But, for now, I'm happy. And very content. And I guess that's all that matters.

Sometimes I wonder about the social acceptability of my ways...
The other night I dreamt about writing how to sleep with a great dane but I hadn't actually written it until just a few minutes ago. I woke up from the dream thinking. "How cool. What a wonderful little experience, and what a good idea to share it." But, when I finally got to writing it I wondered if this wasn't a slightly perverse thing. I mean, obviously it's not sexual but falling asleep to the sound of their breathing comforts me and makes me smile. I don't think I can even get a good nights sleep without them any more. They are my sleep aid, my anti-nodoz. They are my pack, my friends, my children, and my protectors.

But, few people can understand that relationship. My dogs are not just pets to me.

Dreaming about noding is interesting, and annoying. When I start to dream about things regularly, and this wasn't my first noding dream, it usually means the thing has become important to me. And, somehow, e2 has become very important to me. And, the people I've met here on #everything doubly so. So, it's interesting to step back and see what this means to me, and annoying because when I do node in my sleep I tend to have that one noding dream over and over all night long.

Yes, I know I'm writing this a day late, but therefore can get in every detail until I went to sleep. I woke up at some fairly late hour, 9 or 10, and just hung around for a while. I had two bagels for breakfast, poppyseed with cream cheese.

My cousin and aunt, who had stayed been staying over for the last few days, were packing up and getting ready to leave. I helped them pack up, helped my mother get the house back in order, and chilled out.

Since I am The Queen Of Duct Tape and making stuff out of duct tape is fun, I decided to make some gloves. I only made one, and it took an hour, but it was damn cool. The fingers on went one-third of the way up, like biker gloves, and I left holes above the knuckles. It looked mom called it a "punk glove".

At quarter of four, my friend Steve called and asked me to go to the fifteen mintutes. Apparently certain members of the household had been online nearly all morning, and he hadn't been able to contact me earlier.

Feeling socially obligated to occasionally visit my friends, I agreed, and rushed around to get dressed and look decent. He called back and asked my to pick up Linda, my other friend, since she lives near me. I begged my mom for a ride, and luckily, she agreed. I went and got Linda and arrived at the theater, ten minutes late.

We bought our tickets and got some snacks, and headed in to see "Bring it on." It was really funny, but I was slightly annoyed because my best friend Heather, who was sitting next to me, was talking to the person on the other side of her, not me, and felt left out. Later, she asked me to go to the bathroom with her, so I felt validated. I realized it's pretty weird how girls tend to go to the bathroom in groups...

After the movie, I went back home and got a call from my cousin who had left my house that morning...their car had broken down, and they were still in town, at a store. My mom and I went to get them, to jumpstart their car...we got it back to my house, and turns out they had to spend another night here.

My cousin, Heidi, shows cows, and has a big cow show starting Thursday, so she really needed to get home to get ready for it. Unfortunately, that couldn't happen right away, so she had to prepare here.

One of the things she has to do is dress up with her cow in costumes. We thought for a while, and she came up with the idea of Super Cow, and herself as Super Girl. She and my aunt ran out to Wal-mart to get some fabric. When they came back, I was obligated to help out...

The next few hours were spent drawing, cutting, ironing, being frustrated, etc... we finally finished it, though - a big, blue blanket with the Superman logo and the words "Super Cow" on each side. Voila.

By that time it was 1:30 at night, and Heidi and I were feeling pretty hyper-tired, so we couldn't even think of sleeping. We went down in the basement to play cards, and decided on 500 Rummy. It was an...interesting game, accompanied by constant giggles and occasional random outbursts of song.

"I got a five, a five a five a five, yes I did, la di da..."

Eventually we tired ourselves out enough to stumble upstairs and into bed. As I drifted to sleep, I realized how much fun I have with Heidi... she's almost a sister to me. It's too bad that she lives three hours away...

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