webcams are cameras that automatically update on the web, taking the picture of something/someone realtime.

Some popular or otherwise famous webcams:

Of course, there are zillions more these days... it's even relatively easy to set up one yourself.

(There used to be a registry of E2 user webcams... but that got somewhat too GTKYNsy so it got nuked.)

The popularity of webcams have grown quite a bit in the last few years. This could possibly have to do with cheaper digital cameras being available, as well as bandwidth and quality web hosting.

Recently, a trend has been going toward webcam portals, which are collections of many other peoples webcams, where the adjacent camera subjects interact with each other.

There seem to be two popular windows webcam applications:
Webcam32: http:/
and, ConquerCam: http:/

With the wide acceptance of Wi-Fi, webcams have gained a whole new dimension. With the proper configuration of a laptop, a website can be configured to provide access to a camera only when it is transmitting. A webmonkey can tote a camera around with him and transmit images anywhere he can find an open access point.

I personally recommend a velcro laptop configuration, which allows you to mount the webcam easily, and take it on the road. I use booruWebCam ( because it is small, simplistic and unobtrusive.

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