I've been spending the last hour looking through some of the old nodes from the early days of Everything - nodes like I trust my ass chip to Linux or BSI. Ah, nostalgia.

Anyway, the natecam. The backstory to this device was that about 3 months earlier, nate and I had purchased components and assembled gaming computers. This came on the heels of Nate thinking that we should start playing Everquest. We did it play it. A lot - often with Robnotrob.

Anyway, the machines were Athlon 650s, with GeForce DDRs, 256 MBs of SD-RAM, 20 gig hard drive, and Creative Labs CD-RWs.

We spent many late nights, playing on those machines. Diablo 2, Everquest - one of my favorite memories is playing Everquest, while Nate played The Sims. Usually he liked to trap people in the kitchen, while a fire was going. Yeah, Nate's got issue

Anyway, the Natecam worked for a while - it was a 3Com system. And then it started crashing Nate's game machine. And that was the end of the Natecam.

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