3Com is best known to most for their ethernet products. One of 3Com's founders, Rober Metcalfe, is credited with inventing ethernet. To many, their ethernet cards are considered the best around, as are their hubs, etc. Unfortunatly, their price often reflects this, being very much above their competitors.

After they bought out US Robotics, 3Com dominated the modem industry for a time as well. This is becomig of less and less importance, since modem sales have been slipping due to broadband access becoming more common. 3Com seems to know this, as new development in their modems seems to be non-existant.

Recently 3Com has both left the enterprise networking market, and spun off the palm pilot division into its own company.

3Com still makes good products. However, there is a big problem. Like most large, long-running companies, decay has set in. There seems to be less innovation coming from the company, and some product lines seem stagnent. The worst however, is their tech support. It is horrid. Phone support is nothing but on hold waits, and the run around. Email support is worse, if an answer is given, it generally takes several days.

3Com is still a good company, they just seem to be in decline.

In June of 1979, Bob Metcalfe, who had left PARC after comming up with the idea of Ethernet and it had become an open standard decided that it was time to start his own company. He called this firm 3Com after these three words: Computer, Communication, and Compatibility.

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