The incredible PDA produced by the Palm Computing company, which spun off from 3Com in March, 2000. They currently produce three lines of their oraganizers, the Palm III, Palm V, and Palm VII with variants of each. They also licence the Palm OS to other companies such as Handspring, Symbol, IBM, and Qualcomm.

While current models use the Motorola Dragonball processors, future models are expected to use the StrongARM embedded processors. It is also expected that future models will add extended wireless capabilities by using Bluetooth technology.

The older Palm Pilot models where the "PalmPilot" with 516Kb ram and the "PalmPilot Pro" with 1Mb. Besides the limited memory, they only had 2bit grayscale and the Operating System burned in ROM, making upgrades impossible. Almost all new software still run on these old machines.

A bit of do it yourself soldering can expand the memory to 1Mb and 2Mb for PalmPilot and PalmPilot Pro respectively.

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