Palm Pilots are old school hand-held tablets that ran on PalmOS. They were handy for keeping notes, contact lists, and for other tasks, depending on if you loaded software to handle it.

The software used an extension of .prc and was supported by many manufacturers. The Palm Pilot came with a cable or a docking station to sync up with your Windows PC through a serial port or USB, depending on which version you owned. This was before the age of smartphones, so it was like a smartphone without the phone. Eventually it was phased out by smarter devices and, surprise, the rise of smartphones like the Blackberry.

There were some hardware options available, and I had a system that connected to a projector to show powerpoint slides for meetings. It was handy to have something in your pocket instead of lugging in a laptop and setting things up.

I know I still have one that functions in my storage unit, all it needs is a couple of AA batteries and some compressed air to clean off the dust.

Iron Noder 2017

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