In computing terms, something that allows you to connect a (usually mobile) device to your computer. Eg, the palm pilot docking station, which allows you to recharge the mobile device, and synchronise data at the same time.

Can also refer to an item or place that allows one thing to dock with another.

Docking Station is a completely free artificial life game from Creatures Labs. It 'feels' the same as Creatures 3, but it is smaller. And free.

Docking Station appeals to people in a variety of manners. There are many players, that simply raise norns, playing around. Then there are the people that 'play' the game on a completely different level. They are the inventors, the biochemists, the geneticists, and the world-builders. They don't build with wood or plastic or metal, they build with CAOS. They don't mix chemicals in a beaker, they perform hex calculations in frhed or others with the help of a gui. They can perform genetic manipulations without governmental funding, all they need is a 200k open source program.

For the people who play the game, simply to play, the rules are simple. Fool around. You can breed norns, trading them, or breed ettins, or grendels, if you have Creatures 3 installed. You can torture the norns, or turn down the temperature and watch them shiver.

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