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Update (16/04/02): I now have a new computer (Apple Powerbook) - but I also have exams (it never rains .. ). I will clean things up here once my exams are done (I should also have a few nice stories to share from the post-exam Amsterdam trip).

Right. Let's start again. I've not been active on e2 for some time now, and when I was last active, it was sporadic.

My apologies to those of you who've tried to contact me in this time, looking at my /msg inbox (currently 28) none of them were that important anyway.

I'm currently at University (glorious Royal Holloway in the UK) and since my laptop broke I'm buggered for computing power. I'm currently using an old SPARC5 that I got for £50, I stole the modem, and the monitor doesn't like red. Needless to say this is not the best system to be accessing anything on, let alone everything.

Hopefully April will bring a new computer of some kind, and I can get back to spending my every waking moment logged on to e2, pissing my degree away.

In the unlikely event you need to contact me about something, mail me here:

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