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Welcome to rootlog. Authorized users only!

Everything2.com 0.83+

username: jaybonci
password: *******

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These are root logs. They are changes made to everything2 by the coding admins (typically wharfinger, N-Wing, and myself do them). They are provided to keep the noding populace in touch with what is changing and what is new with our system. (and to communicate with each other as to what is goin on). The log provided here is what myself (JayBonci), and only me have changed. We've managed to unbreak things enough so that N-Wing and wharfinger can post logs if they so desire.

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March 1, 2002: Wow, another month. Today was a short day, applying a patch (per fuzzie's request) to formxml_superdoc. Deleted the two patches after they were taken: This adds the functionality to be able to add no_superdocs=1 and no_findings=1 so that you no longer have to get the entire superdoc if permission is denied or what not, or if the node is gone / titled wrong, etc.

March 2, 2002: Updated the superdoc for the scratch pad announcement. There aren't any more bugs (one minor exception) In my sub-infinite wisdom, I forgot to escape /piles/ of titles and other entires in wierd places. Usernames /used/ to be able to contain HTML entries, so we have to escape a lot more stuff. Updated in a bunch of places, and now it looks more solid. Closing SF.net bug on this
  • Updated: formxml_user (added escaped areas to last noded link)
  • Updated: xmlheader (added escaped areas to the header title)
  • Updated: xmlwriteup (added escaped areas to writeup title)
  • Updated: xmlfirmlinks (escaped more titles)
  • Updated: softlink (escaped more e2link titles)
Made it so that there is a session information XML ticker that gives Personal Nodelet entries, Cools, level, XP changes, and does the vote refreshing. It also tells you WHO you are, plus it gives you the e2 server time. Handy if you'd like to set your watch from anywhere to be many, many hours and severak minutes off. Beyond all of this, it's probably the cheapest thing we've got on e2. In fact, it's a fraction of the weight of a normal page. Hit it now and again, and be smart about it, but it's way cheap. We had to finagle a few files to get this to play cool. --More--

March 3, 2002: First off, a congratulations and a welcome to my new colleagues: Fruan, Quizro, Roninspoon, and JerboaKolinowski. Now, carrying on with progress!. I forgot to export the Personal Session XML Ticker in our interface list. That has been adjusted. --More--

March 6, 2001: Was out of town for a few days. Fixed the Omniweb Bug. This was done by fixing adheader and jukka container which contained poor uses of the the layer tag. Omniweb users could not search in the bar because there were items in the way. This was corrected per the suggestion of Netscape's developer documentiaton for ilayer. (http://devedge.netscape.com/evangelism/docs/articles/updating-dhtml-web-pages/TAGtests/matrixRunner.html). I have no verified this issue, but other than that, if we still see problems, it is a browser bug. Our HTML now for this is very clean. I have not tested it in Opera, NS6, or Mac IE but I see no problems. If someone can help verify this, that would be great. Also, rischi's bug was old, and fixed before. Kurt's adheader patch is no longer needed. The old code, in case Robo or Kurt needs it is at backup adheader code
Whacked insanefuzzie's patch to formxml_user as it was applied in a different form
Updated Everything Quote Server II's quote server stuff with patches from Teiresias. Better formatting on most of the quotes. Thanks to Teiresias for the diligent editing of it. 50 XP to teiresias for his hard work pulling all of those items together. --More--

March 7, 2001: Integrated Professor Pi's Merit and Devotion stats into your statistics nodelet. More information available about those soon. We'll probably be calculating those from offsite, but we'll have to see about that. IQM is stored in your $VARS, so if it's screwed up, then we'll need a way to regenerate it (probably in your homenode, where we regen everything else). But for now, it's all manualish. Merit is a rough approximation of how good your nodes are... Devotion is a score which represents Merit * NumberOfWriteups; a base measure of "quality" contributed to the database. Added more stuff to Everything XML --More--

March 8, 2001: Added {help) links to each of the four major themes. This should give a demo to the other people on the decision board. This is all encapsulated in helplink Also, while I was in the neighborhood, I wiped out some fucked banner code in classic, if anyone uses that fugly thing. This may break Netscape. But then again, probably not. The adheader fixes from a few nights ago really fixed up that problem well. Whacked a patch by ascorbic. He patched the wrong thing *slaps forehead* Silly small stuff v1. Cosmetically changed the link in Reference Desk *yawn* --More--

March 9, 2001: Per TallRoo's suggestion, added firmlink count to the statistics, and removed tip of the day from the advice section in the Epicenter. --More--

March 12, 2001: So, Everything's Best Killers was just wrong. It's been redone. Practically from scratch. I feel much better about it now. The SQL was really screwed up, I had to maintain an ex-eds group, etc. The count was being done per, rather than a really fast mysql split on it. Wrong wrong wrong. Just wrong. Not right. Like it's one of those pieces of code you look back at and go "my god, what /was/ I thinking." --More--

March 13, 2001: Everything's Best Killers really really needed to be updated again. It's all working, and the numbers are right for writeups only. Phew. Thanks to Apatrix for the "duh" discovery. DUH! DUMB DUMB DUMB I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT DUMB. Declining experience from voting now works (I think). Atesh gets to test it for me (or any other person who has it on). I can't believe I thought the previous thing would work. Soooo stupid. Anyways, looks fixed to me (codepath wise). Made a change to castVote() and rebooted the server. Working fine now.
  • Updated: castVote() in Experience.pm There is now a fourth parameter that takes in whether or not the user is declining the XP from it.
  • Updated: vote (opcode), to reflect core API change.

March 20, 2001: Yeah, I'm a slacker. Added a ROT13 encoder. DO NOT OVER USE THIS. Thanks. It has been tested and is working in NS4+ and IE5+ (windows). If for whatever reason it doesn't work on some major platform, and you feel it should, let me know. Deleted weblog (patch) by flamingweasel. It appears to have been taken. Thanks to fw for the contribution. Made a change where we can save ourselves a few lookups. You'll notice a speed increase when voting on a lot of nodes. Such as the node Fight Club or something. Instead of looking and parsing the setting for vote settings, then we will pass it in (since it's unlikely to change between hits, and the castVote function is called many times in that process.
  • Updated: castVote() in Experience.pm
  • Updated: vote (opcode)
Changed another function in ecore to suppress a warning that was undoubtedly filling up our log files. Nate added functionality at the request of N-Wing and there was an uninitialized value string being tossed. One line fix. Server restarted.
  • Updated: getNode() in NodeBase.pm, line 464
Changed a function in nate's new CacheStore code. More uninitialized warnings in the logfiles. Literally thousands of lines of them. To that extent, made a small change to CacheStore.pm. It seemed to quench the million server errors. I could be wrong, but it appears to keep everything intact...
  • Modified: RetrievePage() in CacheStore.pm. Change on line 118 (will be 116 after nate removes the two commented lines.
Removed the Tip of the day link from the front page. There's no more tip of the day. Thanks to TallRoo for the, um, tip. --More--

March 20, 2001 (later in the day): Edited the E2 Rot13 Encoder to include support for lastnode_id per the suggestion of m_turner. Also added a new ROT13 function by mblase that is more JS 1.0 compliant. Took the patch by him. 10XP, a devpoint, and my thanks to mblase for his contribution. Added support in newwriteups2 for editors to see items that were hidden, and for all (Content Editors)+ to be able to see when writeups are marked for destruction. This was a policy loophole, because in ENN, and E2N, etc, they could see h!-ed writeups, but not in New Nodes. Thanks to Roninspoon and Chihuahua Grub, both of whom reminded me into getting this fully working for the team. Fixed E2 Bugs entry by dinkybug, where it would still ask you to create a node if you used ignore exact and a title happened to be by that node. More of a suggestion than bug, but it still was fixed. --More--

March 21, 2002: Edited createdby to allow for gods who are lower than level three to see who created an e2node. Updated E2 Rot13 Encoder to solve a bug in Netscape / Mozilla. IE was letting me get away with some stuff it shouldn't have Deleted two patches by abiessu. We're in general not accepting patches on non-essential superdocs, especially not for minor formatting concerns / HTML compliance. Those docs will stay as is. Thanks Fixed a minor security thing pointed out to me literally four months ago by hramyaegr. Basically, on a failed login attempt, there would be your password printed back to the page in plain text. This is minor, but still an issue (as it could be cached, etc). We now regex out all the letters and replace them with "*" characters. So when the password field looks like a list of "*"s, that's actually what it is. Thanks again to hram for the bug report. As suggested by mblase, changed Everything User Search as to not be scolding if you show up there without a username (like as in from a link from the Vitals nodelet. Also updated his Text Formatter from the beta edevdoc Magical Text Formatter As requested a while ago by Gritchka, if you view a homenode of a chatterbox alias, then you will get the info as to who it is for (this will keep us from tearing up accounts that are supposed to be forwards), and helping to allay confusion across the board. The code itself was blatantly ripped from usercheck, but since I wrote that too, I don't feel so bad ;). Check out the node for jb, just as an example. --More--

March 24, 2002: Beginning a minor initiative today to phase out the unnecessary types, in an effort to simply the amount of "dangling" features we have here. Today, it's lockeduser. --More--

March 26, 2002: Created the E2 Sperm Counter, to further the breeding efforts. Don't ask. Blame jm. --More--

March 27, 2002: Updated displays for rooms per mblase's suggestion, that will allow you to go back outside immediately if you inadvertantly stumble into one. Fixed instanuke for Content Editors. I didn't know it was broken (sorry it was like 7 months coming). Thanks to Professor Pi for the reminder. --More--

Fixed a fairly major performance problem where we were calling isGod on all of our page loads. We're replacing this with $HTMLVARS{'group_gods'} O(1) lookups. If there is any server errors (esp in ekw), with e2nodes in the next day. Lemme know, and I'll clean it up. This is a huge performance gain.

A long time ago
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...Part 2

I, and some others create these root logs so:

  • the general E2 populace can see some of what is happening behind the scenes
  • we (the root log authors, and edevites) know just what the heck is going on ... you can fit much more in a writeup than in a /msg

If you like boring coding history, you can start at the first root log and work your way forwards.

Since it seems that JB has kicked my behind in the useless-formatting-of-what-we-did category, I'll just stick with a simple format ... at least for this month.

the sixth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

  • softlink (htmlcode) - cleaned up code a bit, added some code to remove bad softlinks, added support for a variable number of columns

the eighth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

the ninth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

the tenth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

  • created pseudoExec (htmlcode), which safely allows anyone to create (very specific) semi-dynamic content
  • made the topic display in nodelets other users and chatterbox run through pseudoExec

the eleventh day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

the eighteenth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

  • modified displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) so links formed in the writeup header talk area now have &lastnode_id=node_id in the link, for easy softlink creation
  • added ignore-usergroup support to sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) (note: usergroup messages don't call this yet anyway)

the twenty third day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

  • (and the previous few days) added even more options for the caller of nodeletsection (htmlcode) - now can specify heading style (normal and all-link) and indentation (none or a little)
  • split statistics nodelet into 2 collapsible sections, which are now htmlcodes statsection_global and statsection_personal
  • modifed displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) to let editors enter their kill-reason where the WU is, so they don't have to remember why they deleted it (it could be annoying when removing several WUs in the same e2node)
  • converted the killing floor II into a superdocnolinks so links in the incoming reason wouldn't be generated into links

the twenty fourth day of the month March in the two thousandth and second year of our LORD

  • updated sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) to not try to get the (removed) 'lockeduser' nodetype, which caused an SQL warning

A long time ago
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...Part 2

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