Four nights back, I tread the floodwaters by a semicircle of five rough rock dais, raised above the surface with obvious haste. On them stands a council of five people.

In dreams, my attention is existence: Floating is acknowledged on some abstract level, without swimming motions or feeling cold. The sky is a backdrop. Even four of the five are blurred. The fifth is a robed young man who bathes in clarity impossible to picture in the waking hours. Every feature on his high-definition face justifies the cliche expression of "stern countenance" and his eyes are like steel. The five are good - that doesn't make them nice.

He says: "I am Mikarecursore."

Then they start shapeshifting wildly in order to fill all the roles in their ritual. If you try to find meaning in this, you're insane.

I daresay that I've seen E2 when asleep a few times but this was the first time my dreams were influenced, however slightly, by the content of Everything. The presence of The Custodian's prime nerdfodder was the first overt tendril of the emerging hivemind as it seeks to draw me into itself. Ladies, gentlemen, I have arrived.

This is more than likely to recur as long as I node, hopefully more extensively or at least more in line with the works involved.
In the meantime, it has given a new dream goal: Become lucid. Meet Ed.

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