A toy/game/ant farm software program written by Cyberlife (now called CreatureLabs). The 'object' of the game is to raise norns. The norns wander about a world, have a biochemistry, and genetic structure. They reproduce (it sounds like a kiss followed by a loud POP and is normaly accompanied by some giggling from the parties involved. The brains of the norns is a neural network which means they actualy learn things (including language). There also exists a grendel which is alot like a norn except dirtier and likes beating up other things.

All in all, a fun toy.

A band formed by Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie of Siouxsie and the Banshees fame. Originally a percussion-intensive act, they have moved to a more techno/electronica style in recent years. After Siouxsie and the Banshees broke up, The Creatures became Sioux and Budgie's main focus.


Name: Creatures
Developer: Apex Computer Productions
Publisher: Thalamus
Year: 1990
Platform: Commodore 64 (original)
Genre: Platformer
Players: One Player
Rarity: Reasonably difficult to find second-hand

A computer game published by Thalamus and created by Apex Computer Productions in 1990 for the Commodore 64. 'Creatures' is an acronym of 'Clyde Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-Ridden Slime'. Created by the famous Rowlands brothers, Steve Rowlands and John Rowlands, this game is probably one of the greatest platformers on the C64, superseded only by Thalamus' other titles, Creatures 2 and Mayhem In Monsterland. The game was ported to the Amiga and the Atari ST in 1993, but the conversion/update was poorly done by WJS Design.

The game is based around the plight of the Fuzzy Wuzzies, who crash land on Earth after wanting to escape their old planet - Blot - to cast away their uphip name of Blotians. They land in the Pacific Ocean next to an undiscovered island. Here they build their village and named the island 'The Hippest Place in The Known Universe'. Unknown to them, they aren't the only natives to the island - the Demons living on the other side of the island were enraged by all the noise made by the naturally cheerful Fuzzies, not to mention the fact that they hated the name given to the island by the new patrons even more!

The Demons come up with a plan to bring a stop to the commotion of the Fuzzies and their happiness - they hold the biggest party ever held on the island. Fuzzies, being the fun loving creatures that they are, cannot resist a good party, so they happily attend. Just as they start to enjoy themselves, the Demons throw a big net over the Fuzzies and take them off to Torture Chambers.

The only Fuzzie who wasn't captured was Clyde Radcliffe, who, at the time of the other Fuzzies' capture, was busy throwing up into the bushes. Waking up the next morning, Clyde has a spltting headache, breath so bad it could scorch a tree at six paces, and the sudden realisation that all of his friends have been captured by the Demons. So, off he goes, to destory the Demons and rescue his fellow Fuzzies.

The gameplay involves you travelling across the island - each stage represents a part of the island you have to proceed through to get to a Torture Chamber. At the end of each stage, Clyde enters a Witches Hut. A nice friendly witch (who I believe was called Ulrira), with a Fuzzy fetish, offers to mix Magic Potions that allow Clyde to have special weapons, after he has drank the potion. Ingredients are required to do this though, and these come in the form of Magic Potion Creatures, who are collected as you progress through the levels. The more MPC's you have, the better the weapons you can create.

After two stages have been completed, you get to enter a Torture Chamber. The basic aim of this type of level is to stop your fellow Fuzzy from being killed by the torture machine the Demons have created. These levels can be particularly gorey if you fail, your Fuzzy friend usually dying quite spectacularly!

Cheat mode: Wait till the music is finished playing on the title screen. When the high score table appears, you will notice not of the Fuzzies are dancing. With a controller plugged in port 1, waggle the joystick left and right, very fast - the Fuzzies will start to 'dance'. When they turn grey, you've enabled the cheat mode - unlimited lives.

Creatures won a number of awards from various publications: Zzap!64 gave it a Zzap! Gold Medal Award, and a score of 96%, calling it "My pick for 1990!" and describing it as "Superbly thought out and slickly executed!". Your Commodore gave it a score of 91% and a 'Fun One' award.

Creatures is an Artifical Life computer game series made by Cyberlife, now called Creature Labs. The games is the series are Creatures 1, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Docking Station, Creatures Adventures, and Creatures Playground. Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground are more oriented towards younger players, and are mostly about exploration, and playing mindless mini-games. The other games are more oriented to breeding the Norns, while protecting them from Grendels. Creatures 2 introduced the ettin, which in Creatures 3 steals machine parts. Many expansion packs have been released for these games, and they are easy to make third-party addons for, as Creature Labs not provides full documentation of the game engine via the CDN, or Creatures Development Network. The original idea for the game was invented by Steve Grand and has since been taken over by market droids.

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