The third species of Creature in the Creatures set of games. They first appeared in Creatures 2, and have since appeared in Creatures 3.

They're white, small, lizard-like creatures (they don't look lizard-like in-game, IMO). And insanely cute, in my opinion, especially when they're making noises at you.

They used to be servants of the Shee. They're quite an unintelligent race, but peaceful. They love playing with gadgets and will quite often take apart your carefully-made machines. They like eating snails.

In Creatures 2, they tend to hang around in the radioactive volcano area, meaning they tend to have short lives. Their home in Creatures 3 is the Ettin Terrarium, a much nicer (although still hot) area mostly consisting of desert.

They make a tasty snack for a grendel. Or a piranha, for that matter.

Et"tin (?), n. [SA. eten, eoten, orig., gluttonous, fr. etan to eat.]

A giant.


Beau & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

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