Third in a series of simulation sci-fi games where you raise and manage alien creatures. Chock full of lushish graphics and mind boggeling complexity, Creatures 3 will have you (assuming your patience holds out) burning through time until you realize it's 3 am a day later. (Well, maybe that's a bit extreme, but you get the idea). General summary: You find a spaceship abandoned in space fill with three breeds of creatures. One are cute, peaceful, luvable, and good. The second is tempermental, steals things, and rather secluded. The third are vicious, destructive, vilent, and tend to kill your other creatures. Scattered throughout the space ship is the left over technology from the now vanish owners. Numerous gadgets lie around which you can wire together to build everything from toys to health monitors to security systems. Also, their are large machine built into the ship, like an incubator, medical operation room, and gene splicer (create you're own breeds). Your creatures will grow, mature, learn, teach, eat, breed, get sick, grow old, and die. There is also a very complexe DNA / gene engine. Additionally, you can export / import your own creatures, so you can send that rare breed your developed to your friends (become a champion breeder!). The software also supports 3rd party extensions, (although not offically suported), so if you can develope your own gadgets and tech. Again, the game is incredibly complex. Doing well in it will require a lot of time, patience, and thinking. Also, the complexity makes memory requirements rather high, as well as load times on less than state-of-the-art machines. Graphics are very nice, but prerenderd, so you won't need a 4 chip voodoo 6. (Most of you're CPU cycles will go to the simulation's calculations). For Win9x.

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