Yes, I know I'm writing this a day late, but therefore can get in every detail until I went to sleep. I woke up at some fairly late hour, 9 or 10, and just hung around for a while. I had two bagels for breakfast, poppyseed with cream cheese.

My cousin and aunt, who had stayed been staying over for the last few days, were packing up and getting ready to leave. I helped them pack up, helped my mother get the house back in order, and chilled out.

Since I am The Queen Of Duct Tape and making stuff out of duct tape is fun, I decided to make some gloves. I only made one, and it took an hour, but it was damn cool. The fingers on went one-third of the way up, like biker gloves, and I left holes above the knuckles. It looked mom called it a "punk glove".

At quarter of four, my friend Steve called and asked me to go to the fifteen mintutes. Apparently certain members of the household had been online nearly all morning, and he hadn't been able to contact me earlier.

Feeling socially obligated to occasionally visit my friends, I agreed, and rushed around to get dressed and look decent. He called back and asked my to pick up Linda, my other friend, since she lives near me. I begged my mom for a ride, and luckily, she agreed. I went and got Linda and arrived at the theater, ten minutes late.

We bought our tickets and got some snacks, and headed in to see "Bring it on." It was really funny, but I was slightly annoyed because my best friend Heather, who was sitting next to me, was talking to the person on the other side of her, not me, and felt left out. Later, she asked me to go to the bathroom with her, so I felt validated. I realized it's pretty weird how girls tend to go to the bathroom in groups...

After the movie, I went back home and got a call from my cousin who had left my house that morning...their car had broken down, and they were still in town, at a store. My mom and I went to get them, to jumpstart their car...we got it back to my house, and turns out they had to spend another night here.

My cousin, Heidi, shows cows, and has a big cow show starting Thursday, so she really needed to get home to get ready for it. Unfortunately, that couldn't happen right away, so she had to prepare here.

One of the things she has to do is dress up with her cow in costumes. We thought for a while, and she came up with the idea of Super Cow, and herself as Super Girl. She and my aunt ran out to Wal-mart to get some fabric. When they came back, I was obligated to help out...

The next few hours were spent drawing, cutting, ironing, being frustrated, etc... we finally finished it, though - a big, blue blanket with the Superman logo and the words "Super Cow" on each side. Voila.

By that time it was 1:30 at night, and Heidi and I were feeling pretty hyper-tired, so we couldn't even think of sleeping. We went down in the basement to play cards, and decided on 500 Rummy. It was an...interesting game, accompanied by constant giggles and occasional random outbursts of song.

"I got a five, a five a five a five, yes I did, la di da..."

Eventually we tired ourselves out enough to stumble upstairs and into bed. As I drifted to sleep, I realized how much fun I have with Heidi... she's almost a sister to me. It's too bad that she lives three hours away...