happy birthday slappyjack

monday afternoon

work. work work work. it's a bit quiet, i'm waiting for some code drops before another build can be compiled. i finally got back to my secretary of defense nodes. completed Robert S. McNamara, and Thomas S. Gates today. woo, only 6 left to go.

the weekend

interesting weekend. friday i didn't end up having to work late as was expected. headed down to the man's house and had grilled shrimp and a chicken kabob (he had steak, of course). the damiana liquor arrived in it's nifty naked lady bottle. i am not overly fond of the liquor straight, but it adds a nice minty tone to a margarita when used instead of grand marnier, triple sec or cointreau.

saturday the man and i went out picking peaches (23 1/2 lbs) and blackberries (1 1/2 lbs) at a place me and my sister used to pick fruit when we were little kids before leaving the united states. later we made some absolutely fabulous homemade blackberry ice cream (such a lovely shade of purple). saturday night was weird, but i'm not going to get into it.

sunday was spent in a daze. woke up around 1:30, went home, napped, smoked some marijuana, took a lovely long bath. while lounging on the sofa, the puppy fell asleep in my arms, tummy and paws pointed to the sky, snoring loudly and contentedly. then i went to bed early.