The difference between being "naked" and being "nekkid" is, that when you are naked you have no clothes on. However when you are nekkid you have no clothes on and you are up to something.

I have no idea who said it first. It has entered common useage within my peer group. Kinda the same as "ain't that a bitch" I donno who said it first, but I doubt I need to give credit, as it's really common now. =]

You are so right. I don't understand how we could have both been so childish. I hope we can just put this behind us.

This is what I like about us. We can never stay mad at each other for long. Isn't that right snugglebunny?

In my world, nekkid is something along the lines of "naked with intent to distribute", either by running around nekkid, thus making your nekkidness apparent to a larger audience or area, or by provoking some innocent bystander to explode in a ball of fiery nekk - Blam! Nude without warning! - and thereby increasing the nekkidness.

I always figured naked was like pretty pictures in black-and-white. And that nekkid was what you reserved for the swimmin hole in the country.

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