A great song from Perry Farrell's band Porno for Pyros, from their self-titled 1993 album. It suggests that maybe our purpose in the universe, as humans, is, well... less than the pinnacle of civilization. More evidence that Perry Farrell did and continues to do lots of drugs. Simpsons fans may be reminded of Kodos and Kang, but remember: they're from Rigel IV, not Mars. This song is specific: Martians.


Children are innocent; teenagers, fucked up in the head.
Adults are even more fucked up, and elderlies are like children.
Will there be another race to
come along and take over for us?
Maybe Martians could do
better than we've done.
We'll make great pets!

We'll make great pets! x8

My friend says we're like
the dinosaurs: unreal, we are
doing ourselves in
much faster than they ever did.


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