A cat on slick ice , like a kitten with wet feet on a tile floor, is possibly the purest form of cat based entertainent short of watching the endless battle between cat and laser pointer.

When confronted by a sturdy sheet of slick ice (such as a concrete drive after an ice-storm) a the average cat will do one of four things: 

    1. Perform a mid-air 180, acrobatically returning to higher-traction terrain.

    2. Immediately break into a full run, comically sliding a few feet in any direction but the one it is trying to go, realize the futility of trying, and cry plaintively until retrieved.

   3. Skid in a manner similar to #2, then flop dejectedly onto its side, whereupon the ice will melt under the cat's body heat, then quickly resolidify, trapping the poor fool by its fur. Commence crying.

   4. Deduce, while in a free-sliding run, that extending its claws will provide extra grip. The cat, having no subtlety while confused, will overcompensate, digging into the ice with reckless abandon, accelerating rapidly, and slamming headlong into any nearby structures.

Needless to say, any of the above reactions will provide any and all humans in visual range with a good cheap laugh at the bewildered feline's expense.

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