Sometimes I wonder about the social acceptability of my ways...
The other night I dreamt about writing how to sleep with a great dane but I hadn't actually written it until just a few minutes ago. I woke up from the dream thinking. "How cool. What a wonderful little experience, and what a good idea to share it." But, when I finally got to writing it I wondered if this wasn't a slightly perverse thing. I mean, obviously it's not sexual but falling asleep to the sound of their breathing comforts me and makes me smile. I don't think I can even get a good nights sleep without them any more. They are my sleep aid, my anti-nodoz. They are my pack, my friends, my children, and my protectors.

But, few people can understand that relationship. My dogs are not just pets to me.

Dreaming about noding is interesting, and annoying. When I start to dream about things regularly, and this wasn't my first noding dream, it usually means the thing has become important to me. And, somehow, e2 has become very important to me. And, the people I've met here on #everything doubly so. So, it's interesting to step back and see what this means to me, and annoying because when I do node in my sleep I tend to have that one noding dream over and over all night long.