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Mmmm...Tommy on the stereo. I don't know why I love that musical so much. It has a lot to do with Highschool nostalgia. Not many people I've ever met have Highschool nostalgia. Most people have horrid, evil memories of highschool that have left them emotionally scarred. I, on the other hand, have wonderfully flowery memories, definitely embellished as time goes on. We did Tommy as our senior year musical production. I had been rejected from the band that year, mostly because Tommy, being a rock piece didn't need my "unique stylings" on the saxophone. But...school musicals, the huge amounts of time hanging out with people until late in the morning, random trips to Steak and Shake...it all comes back when I listen to the music. Tommy isn't a great musical...it's certainly not my favorite in terms of itself, but damned if it doesn't bring back a lot of fond memories.

I've had an infectiously wonderful day. Although I seem to be coming down with some sort of throat issues, possibly a small cold *poke Duchess*, I've managed to have some ginger peach tea and some Turkish coffee which has given me that extra oomph needed to get through the day. I had some boring classes, which I ducked out of one early to go get lunch and write some email. *mgrin* another quasi-useless semester. But that's ok. Wrote my first compsci program of the year. A 16 liner. *sigh* Give me something useful! Challenge me! Please?

Had a lot of fun randomly running around this afternoon at Cosmic Cantina and a random book store running around with Otaku friends Kamboku-Chan and Oniiiiiiiiiii-sama. Realizing more and more what good friends I have in COUp (our anime club) and coming to the opinion (with the help of Oniiiiiiiiii-sama) that I need to drop more activities so I can do more with them. *boggle* I feel for once in my life here at Carolina that I'm coming into a real social life, and having a group of friends I can go do stuff with.

But I woke up and was in a good mood. Why does your mood when you wake up determine your emotional state for the whole day almost? I wish I could change this to affect me for the good. But, this morning I woke up happy and had a wonderful day. Other mornings, I wake up and I wish I hadn't. Any reason? I wish I knew. But, for now, I'm happy. And very content. And I guess that's all that matters.