EMAIL FLOOD DAY? What is this? I'm getting hordes of pseudo-relevant messages (Oh, and one I was looking forward to as well. Mmm... poetry.). Nothing that excited me, though. Mostly invitations to courses and requested documents. Dull day at work, hard to concentrate. Ilech, it seems like I will have a presentation next tuesday.

ARMED AND DANGEROUS: Ordered a sword from Del Tin.

A GIRL unlike any other. Surprises and surprises again, revealing yet another mesmerizing virtue. Ever new. Chocolate covered garlic. White Pepper Ice Cream.

UNCANNY RESEMBLANCE: Read a writeup by Nailbunny that could have been written by a person I know. This happens from time to time, and I get slightly paranoid every time, thinking that someone in my real-life vicinity has started noding and - gasp! - read some of my nodes!

TODAY'S SOUNDTRACK: Tom Waits - Blue Valentine.