Back at the Sydney office today. Sydney is fully the olympic city right now. The airport is staffed with dozens of workers in bright uniforms, banners and bunting are everywhere, and for the first time ever, armed security guards are patrolling the public areas. The city has gone olympics nuts. It's all anyone seems to be talking about, especially the traffic problems and the fact that most businesses are expecting their staff to start work from 6am, which is causing grumbles in the ranks.

Olympic skeptics, like me, are actively being marginalised by the popular media. No one really knows how many Sydneysiders want this thing, but for what the outsider would see from the media, the city is 100% behind this thing, with only a handful of ratbag commie dissenters who are trying to spoil the party.

Presented to a telco this pm, I am more and more sure that my future does not lay in marketing. Walked to Chinatown for sushi and katsu with Arvind, ate well, good friendship, back to the hotel, now to sleep.

Domo arigato gozaimasu to s for opening my eyes.