Wow! A week without touching a computer! Some people would call it holydays, for me it’s just seven days of improductiveness...

Well, not that bad, a week without producing nothing tangible doesn’t mean that anything is produced at all: I’ve been reading “Reinventing Comics” (already finished), and “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid” (another E2 book) and provoking myself acquiring ideas that show how little I know.

For the sake of fitness and outdoor activities, and my pleasure, I’ve doing some diving in the Costa Brava. It is amazing how efficient is diving for cleaning the mind and relaxing yourself! I have a dangerous bias toward bad mood, and diving does miracles, specially because you’re so focused on your own body and how it reacts to the environment that you forget everything else. It is like being an amoeba! (again)

Well, I am back at work (hehe) and as every August I am full of frustrations. For me, this is a fucking month, I don’t like to stop, I prefer to run (like my computer) 24h a day.

I haven’t noded nothing in this days (although there was a relative easy to access net connection at the diving centre), but I don’t feel bad about this. In fact I practise noding abstention quite often. So I thank the management for having this day log where we shamelessly write about ourselves when we have nothing better to node (as if we hadn’t enough with the whole Everything!)

I just realized I lied when I said I didn’t touched a computer: I cannot dive without my diving computer! They are a rare kind of computers, as you have be underwater to see them running! (or moist your fingers) So it should say A week without touching a dry computer