Today was the first day of school, the first day of my senior year, and the beginnng of the end of high school. Happy? Kinda. Scared? Not really... well, maybe. Very nervous. Anxious. Maybe even a little panicky. But today went wonderfully. I didn't have French class, so my nerves are still a little on edge about going there for the first time. But that's tomorrow. Saw people today that I haven't seen in months. I made sure there was no giggling and hugging between my friends and me; that would have been silly, not to mention encourage the underclassmen to behave likewise. I have a lot of friends in most of my classes, which is a relief.

First hour: Advanced Placement Art
Second hour: Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
Third hour: Advanced Placement Statistics
Fourth hour: Seminar (with my sophomore brother)
Fifth hour: Advanced Placement Psychology
Sixth hour: Band (IBP, yo)
Seventh hour: Creative Writing
Eighth hour: Dual Enrollment at Hope College - French 202-01 and French 202-02

My counselors had a fit when they saw my schedule, saying I wouldn't be able to handle three AP classes on top of college French. Bite me. I like all my teachers, and plan on enjoying all the classes.

I am free for the day, until six o'clock at least (band camp). What better to do than spend an hour perusing the endless realm of Everything?