A massive street party that often attracts millions of people.

Booze, reggae and nosh, in Notting Hill, one of the best areas in the world. Sweet.

Seeing as it's coming up soon, here's my Essential Carnival Survival Kit:
  • Combat trousers with plenty of pockets
  • Rizlas (large, blue, narrow) (3 packets - two will get borrowed)
  • Three lighters (two will get borrowed)
  • Red Stripe Lager (chilled, one in hand, three in pockets at all times)
  • Wray and Wright overproof rum (1 half bottle, in pocket)
  • Mobile phone (essential for finding people)
  • Bag of quality weed
  • Small packet of tissues (for wiping fingers after eating Jamaican Jerk Chicken so you can skin up cleanly)
  • Trainers (comfortable, for dancin', strollin', hangin' and chillin')
  • Wicked pair of shades
  • Disposable Camera
  • Whistle / Horn (I know it sounds cheesy, but there are appropriate times for these at Carnival)
  • Some mates (optional)
  • A one-day Travelcard
  • Cash for buying extra supplies, delicious food and more booze.
  • Relaxed and easy attitude

Optional extras:

Footnote: it's not "The Carnival", it's just "Carnival". You don't want to sound like a tourist.

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