Today was a hilarious day. I have two accounts to talk about ... both of embarassment, to me and to my mate.

The first was of me. I was explaining to my my mate Hilly who was taking the piss out of me. So I threatened him with me mums saying I'll give you some fist. Meaning I'll hit you. To this he said 'what?'. I lamely tried to explain that it was my mums saying that she would say to me, to which I would usually end up 'giving her some fist' ... meaning hit her (in a messing about way)' Too which he took it as giving her fist. It was roughly five minutes before the whole of our year was taking the piss ... hehe.

The second was to three of me mates.They were Boothy, Bullock and Williams. anyway, Williams and Bullock had pushed Boothy against the wall. Bullock held Boothy's legs tight so he couldnt run away, Boothy is facing the wall with his hands in the air like a spread position. Williams pulls Boothy's trousers down and starts to pull Boothy's pants up. At which point our year head walks in to find three boys, all up against the wall, one with his trousers round his ankles, pants half up and his arse showing. The other holding onto the pair of pants and another with his arms wrapped around his legs. Hmmmmmmm