So did I wake up at 7?


When did I really wake up?

11 o'clock.

This studying period is a killer, I tell you, a real killer. I Wasn't Built For This, you know... I'm just a creature of the night or something... =)


Now I've seen everything. I saw a newbie who had the Internet on their computer. =)


Heh, configuring dynamic IP stuff for ipchains was piece of cake and a gigantic matter of programming (11 lines of Perl - "gigantic" because a "small matter of programming" would imply 100 lines for equal stuff... =)

The only bad thing is that gfcc (a GUI tool that generates firewall-setup Bash script) has no idea about "execute a script to figure out what's the IP addy" thing... Byebye, gfcc!

I also have released an "alpha" version of YiffCam (hideous mess of Perl that acts as a web cam), it's available at my home page...


Sometimes, the situation is hopeless.

- Paranoia (the RPG)

No way I'm going to make through tomorrow. But hey, losing one day of studies isn't bad, right?

I hope it won't become a habit... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: RFC 1: Host software

Updated: batmud coffeefox